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Importance Of Annual Physical Exams For Adolescents

Well-child visits are a staple of early childhood care, through these visits your child's doctor was able to assess your child's development and proactively tackle any signs of concern. As children become adolescents the areas of focus may change, but they are still growing and they are still your children, however much they are in a hurry to become adults. It's in the teen years and young adulthood that children experience some of their most defining changes and with a yearly checkup, their doctor can be as proactive as when they were much younger when it comes to their health. If you have questions regarding adolescent healthcare you can reach out to StarLight Pediatrics with Dr. Maria Castro in Holly Springs, NC.

The Benefits of Annual Physicals

Just as when they were young, yearly physicals help track your growing child's physical development so that they are on the right track, to determine if any adjustments are necessary, and to verify that they can safely participate in their favorite sport.

They can be advised on proper nutrition and the importance of exercise while discussing the pitfalls of eating disorders and abusing steroids.

Immunizations are also part of these checkups, to make sure they remain caught up on their vaccination schedule.

It's also a time to help them become informed about topics like mental and sexual health and to help them avoid risky behavior. This can include discussing the possible outcomes of STDs and unwanted pregnancy, of talking about depression, and emotional problems, as well as substance abuse. The goal is to help them become knowledgeable in their growing process and what they can expect and in so doing allow them to be active participants in their health.

Adolescent Healthcare in Holly Springs, NC

For help with physicals, questions, and anything regarding your adolescent's healthcare in Holly Springs, NC, you can schedule a consultation with Dr. Castro of StarLight Pediatrics by dialing (919) 762-5113.

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