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  • What Are the Signs of Anxiety in Children
    What Are the Signs of Anxiety in Children: What’s Normal and When To Seek Help When adults struggle with anxiety or any other strong emotion they are more likely to tell Read more
  • What Happens During a Developmental Screening?
    Autism is an often mentioned topic in the media, so many parents wonder if their child may be affected by the condition. Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a behavioral condition Read more
  • Diagnosing ADHD in Children
    Check out the ADHD treatment options for your child by consulting with Dr. Maria Castro and our team of trained professionals at StarLight Pediatrics in Holly Springs, NC. Diagnosing ADHD in Read more
  • Behavioral Health and Your Child
    Children exhibit all kinds of interesting behaviors. Many of these behaviors are normal boundary testing, showing independence, and other healthy milestones you want to see. Children can also exhibit behaviors you Read more
  • Helping Your Child Live Well With Asthma
    Need help controlling your child’s asthma symptoms? Your pediatrician can help. We know that seeing your child cough, wheeze and have trouble taking a full breath can be more than a Read more
  • What Is a Developmental Screening?
    Missing certain milestones, such as beginning to talk or walk at a certain age, could be a sign of developmental problems and the need for early intervention services. Developmental screening Read more
  • Importance of a Pulmonary Function Test
    A pulmonary function test helps doctors diagnose different types of respiratory issues. The test is administered to children experiencing breathing difficulties due to asthma, allergies, lung disease, or other conditions. Read more
  • The Importance of Anemia Screening
    Here’s what you should know about screening your child for an iron deficiency. Anemia, or iron deficiency, isn’t just a problem that impacts adults; it also affects children. In fact, Cedars-Sinai Read more
  • Does Your Child Need a School Physical?
    When your child begins school, it’s time for your child to begin having school physicals by a pediatrician. School physicals are a great way to help ensure the continuing health Read more
  • FAQs : ADHD Treatment for Children
    A child who struggles with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) can have difficulty in school and among peers and family. Treatment for ADHD is focused on improving the quality of Read more
  • Adolescent Male Health Care
    Your pediatrician in Holly Springs, NC, can help your teenage boy stay healthy Teenage boys have unique medical needs. Physical changes and hormonal imbalances can lead to a variety of medical Read more
  • Recurrent Abdominal Pain
    How your pediatrician in Holly Springs, NC, can help relieve your child’s abdominal pain Recurrent abdominal pain can be caused by a variety of things, from easily treatable issues like constipation, Read more
  • What is Vision test with Pediavision?
    Learn more about this revolutionary technology that detects vision problems.  Your child’s vision is incredibly important, which means ensuring that your child is getting proper vision testing to catch disorders and Read more
  • Preventing and Treating Bug Bites and Stings in Children
    At StarLight Pediatrics, serving Holly Springs, NC, and the surrounding region, Dr. Maria Castro sees patients who have Lyme disease and other insect-borne illnesses. She also sees patients who have Read more
  • What Happens at Child Wellness Checkups?
    Find out more about well-child checkups and why they are crucial for your child’s health. From the moment your baby is born, you want to give them everything. You also want Read more
  • The Importance of Behavioral Health and Children
    Is your child acting up? Here’s how a pediatrician can help. Poor grades, fighting with others, lashing out at parents—If you find yourself dealing with these issues, no doubt you’re concerned Read more

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