A Starlight Story

"I am a physical therapist and have worked with Dr. Maria Castro's patients for many years. As a health care provider I have a high amount of respect for her. I have always admired her care of her patients and her willingness to work together with other health care providers for the benefit of the child. I trust her opinion and medical advice so much that as soon as I became pregnant myself I chose her for my son's pediatrician.
As a mother I have been overjoyed at her care of my child. She explains things in terms that I can understand. She values my opinions, family values and concerns. Dr. Castro spends a great amount of time with my child each visit to fully examine all of his functions. She always leaves ample amount of time for me to voice my questions or concerns. She has great advice that is very practical and helpful. Her love of each and every one of her patients is evident in everything she does. As a mother and a health care provider I would not hesitate to give her my highest recommendation to anyone looking for a Pediatrician."
-- Sara S. Morrison, PT, CDT, FCE, CFT, Cert DN

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