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  • Preventing an Asthma Flare-up This Summer
    Between the pollen and humidity of Holly Springs, summer in the area is notorious for causing asthma flare-ups. At Starlight Pediatrics, serving Holly Springs, NC, and the nearby region, our Read more
  • Does My Child Have Anxiety?
    Be able to spot the warning signs of anxiety in your child. Anxiety is undoubtedly on the rise, not just for adults but for children. The pandemic has certainly left kids Read more
  • Signs and Symptoms of ADHD
    Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, better known as ADHD, is a neurobehavioral condition marked by several symptoms, including inattention and impulsiveness. Dr. Maria Castro, the caring board-certified pediatrician at StarLight Pediatrics Read more
  • The Importance of Children's Nutrition
    Make sure your child is following a healthy, balanced diet. One in 5 school children is considered obese in the US. So, how do we stop these statistics from getting any Read more
  • What To Expect During a Newborn Exam
    How your pediatrician in Holly Springs, NC, can help your newborn thrive Your pediatrician provides many excellent services for you and your baby, and one of them is the newborn exam, Read more
  • Summer Safety Tips for Children
    How your pediatrician in Holly Springs, NC, can help your child stay safe during the summer Summer is a fun time, especially for your child. Summer can also be a time Read more
  • Helping Your Child Deal With Minor Illnesses or Injuries
    Here’s your first-aid guide on how to care for minor childhood injuries. In a perfect world, your child would never get injured, sick, or hurt; unfortunately, this just isn’t 100 percent Read more
  • Ear Infections in Children
    Does an ear infection automatically warrant seeing a pediatrician? Here’s what you should know… Your child is dealing with an ear infection for the first time and just like when they Read more
  • Issues That May Arrive While Breastfeeding
    When you have a newborn, your main concern is making sure that your child is happy and healthy. You may choose to breastfeed your child, which also helps establish a Read more
  • The Importance Of Well-Child Care Visits
    A healthy child begins with the right doctor. A pediatrician can help you and your child make the best and most informed decisions regarding their health. It’s important to have Read more
  • What Lactation Support Can Offer You
    If you have made the decision to nurse your baby, Dr. Maria Castro and the team at StarLight Pediatrics offer lactation support in Holly Springs, North Carolina to help improve Read more
  • Common Urological Conditions in Children
    If you’re concerned your child might be suffering from any urologic disorders in Holly Springs, NC, Dr. Maria Castro at StarLight Pediatrics can provide the care they need. Common Urological Conditions Read more
  • When to Visit Your Pediatrician for Sick Visits
    If your child is in need of sick visits in Holly Springs, North Carolina, Dr. Maria Castro and the team at StarLight Pediatrics are committed to providing the fast, gentle, Read more
  • Following Your Child's Immunizations Schedule
    Immunizing kids through vaccination protects them from contracting many types of serious diseases and illnesses so they can enjoy a healthier childhood. Here at StarLight Pediatrics in Holly Springs, NC, Read more
  • Problems and Discomforts When Breastfeeding
    Learn more about the most common breastfeeding issues and how to address them. When you are pregnant there are so many things you have to plan for before the baby comes. Read more
  • How To Prevent Weight Issues
    If you’re concerned about weight issues in your child in Holly Springs, NC, Dr. Maria Castro and the team at StarLight Pediatrics can provide the medical care, guidance, and encouragement Read more

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