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Emergency room follow up

Importance of Emergency Room Follow Up - Starlight Pediatrics

After being discharged from a hospital or emergency room, follow-up visits are essential for your child. It is a question that many individuals frequently ask.

Initially, there existed a specific cause for the emergency room follow up. Once a child is discharged from the emergency room, they must follow up with their pediatrician. It is essential for stitch removal, illness monitoring, wound monitoring, and injury monitoring

The objective of Starlight Pediatrics is to ensure the well-being of children and minimize hospital readmissions by emergency room follow ups. 

Importance of Emergency Room Follow Up for Your Child 

Following are some reasons and benefits of ER follow up for your child. 

  • Better Patient Compliance and ER Follow-Up

Often, families don't follow all the instructions when their child leaves the hospital. It isn't because they don't care, but because they may not remember everything they were told. 

When the hospital follows up with them after their child goes home, they can ask questions and review the instructions. It helps them comply better with the instructions. Besdies, Starlight Pediatrics ensure patients get their follow-up appointments quickly and offer preferred provider referrals for specialized care within the same healthcare system. 

  • Improved Feedback Loop

Post-discharge calls enhance pediatric care by gathering prompt feedback on the family's experiences with their child's care and healthcare providers. This feedback is obtained ahead of conventional patient feedback surveys, typically conducted a month or more after discharge. 

The feedback is given without context, making it difficult for staff to link comments to specific events. Making follow-up calls enhances the understanding of the family's experience with Starlight Pediatrics. It serves as a valuable complement to conventional satisfaction surveys by inquiring about contextual information.

  • Opportunity to Respond to Feedback

The patient assessment survey's time delay makes it difficult to address concerns with the patient's family promptly. Contacting families shortly after their child's inpatient stay allows for prompt addressing of family concerns. The feedback obtained from this communication can be acted upon swiftly.  

  • Alteration in Medication 

A follow-up visit is often necessary to review any possible alterations in medication. Frequently, hospitalization or emergency department visits are prompted by the medication prescribed by a primary outpatient provider. The provider must be informed of the situation and avoid resuming the medication. 

When new medications are prescribed upon discharge, blood thinners may require monitoring. Often, changes in the dosing of pre-hospital medications are also necessary and warrant monitoring. It is a good time to check if the medicines are being taken properly and not accidentally taken too much or too little. This essential safety procedure is known as medication reconciliation. 

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Ultimately, the majority of emergency room follow up visits serve as routine check-ups to assess the children’s condition and verify the absence of any complications. These visits provide an excellent opportunity to discuss additional concerns or queries with a primary healthcare provider. It is especially important if a considerable amount of time has passed since their last appointment.

Starlight Pediatrics offers comprehensive medical services and preventive care for kids of all ages. Our healthcare professionals prioritize the health needs of each individual and personalized care plans to help children grow physically and mentally strong.

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