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Preventing and Treating Bug Bites and Stings in Children

At StarLight Pediatrics, serving Holly Springs, NC, and the surrounding region, Dr. Maria Castro sees patients who have Lyme disease and other insect-borne illnesses. She also sees patients who have allergies to bee stings, which can lead to serious complications. Fortunately, bug bites and bee stings are oftentimes preventable, and our practitioner can offer care if your child should happen to get stung or bit.


Ideally, you want to prevent as many insect bites in children as possible, especially if your child has allergies. While not all cases are preventable, you can at least reduce your child's risk. 

For one, if your child is over the age of two months, use an insect repellent on them. You can even find natural remedies available if you're concerned about the ingredients. Rather than spraying it on your child, you may rub it on them. 

Try to avoid taking your child out in the evenings when certain bugs are most active. 

Anytime you take your child outside, put them in the appropriate apparel. For instance, don't let your run around without shoes on because he or she could step on a bee. Always put your kid in clothing that covers his or her arms and legs.

Make sure you check your child for ticks after he or she plays outside. The ticks need to be embedded for over 36 hours before the disease spreads. Therefore, if they're removed early, you can protect your child from disease. 


At our Holly Springs, NC, practice, our physician will assess the insect bite and look for any visible signs of a problem occurring. For instance, our practitioner will look for a red ring around a tick bite.

A red line that's extending from a bite could indicate that an infection is setting in. The line will extend closer and closer to the heart as it progresses.

Our practitioner will also look for signs of allergies, such as a site reaction that causes swelling or other symptoms like nausea or a fast heart rate.

The treatment depends on the specific case. Antibiotics will be given if your child has Lyme or another infection. If the infection is viral, our practitioner will educate you on ways to help keep your child comfortable as he or she fights it off. 

Your child may need an antihistamine to combat an allergic reaction.

At StarLight Pediatrics, serving Holly Springs, NC, and the general vicinity, Dr. Castro wants you to know how to prevent bug bites and bee stings, especially if your kid has allergies. However, if your child should get bit, bring him or her here for treatment. Call us at (919) 762-5113.

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