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Diagnosing ADHD in Children

Check out the ADHD treatment options for your child by consulting with Dr. Maria Castro and our team of trained professionals at StarLight Pediatrics in Holly Springs, NC.

Diagnosing ADHD in Children

Before we get into potential ADHD treatment options for your child, you must first make sure that they do indeed have that condition. Confirming an ADHD diagnosis in children is not always easy. That’s because many of the symptoms that we associate with ADHD are also problems that may emerge if a child has developmental issues.

You need to work closely with a pediatrician to get an accurate diagnosis of your child’s condition. Their assistance is essential because ADHD is also a difficult condition to diagnose.

To diagnose ADHD, the pediatrician must study your child’s full medical history. After that, they need to rule out any other potential explanations for your child’s condition. They may also speak to you, the rest of your family, as well as your child’s teachers and coaches to learn more about their daily behavior.

The pediatrician will also refer to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders published by the American Psychiatric Association to check if your child meets the ADHD criteria. They will be very careful and thorough during this process to ensure they produce an accurate diagnosis.

Learn more about your child’s condition and potential ADHD treatment options by visiting Dr. Castro of StarLight Pediatrics in Holly Springs, NC.

The ADHD Treatment Options for Your Child

Once you’ve confirmed that your child has ADHD, you can discuss treatment options with the pediatrician.

More often than not, doctors will recommend behavior therapy for children with ADHD. Behavior therapy has proven to be an effective tool for managing ADHD symptoms.

Through behavior therapy, your child can learn more social skills and express themselves better. They can also learn to adjust their behavior based on certain situations.

It’s worth noting that behavior therapy also requires complete buy-in from the parents. The parents have to undergo training so they can better help their children.

If behavior therapy is not yielding the desired results, your child’s pediatrician may suggest using medication. Pediatricians must be extra careful when prescribing pediatric medication because kids can have very different reactions to them. Some may react well to certain forms of medication while others may not show any improvements.

The pediatrician must identify the appropriate ADHD medication for your child. Combining medication with behavior therapy is also highly recommended.

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