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What Happens During a Developmental Screening?

Autism is an often mentioned topic in the media, so many parents wonder if their child may be affected by the condition. Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a behavioral condition that can impact your child's social development as well as other aspects of their everyday life. The goal of a developmental screening performed by your local Holly Springs, NC, pediatricians is to give your child the help they need as early as possible. You can learn more about these by getting in contact with Dr. Maria Castro and Dr. Yenny Cruz of StarLight Pediatrics.

What to Expect

Developmental screening for autism is not what most people imagine, there is no medical test to be performed, no blood to be drawn, or an imaging test to sit through. There have been many advancements and research regarding autism but there is yet no simple way to medically diagnose someone with the condition.

Instead, a developmental screening involves questions asked of the child's parents or caregivers about the child's development and how it compares to that of children their own age. The questions cover all aspects of development, from skills based around language, thinking, and how children perform physically, and there is also an emphasis on behaviors and emotions.

Developmental Screening in Holly Springs, NC

The results of a developmental screening will not necessarily result in an exact diagnosis, but will rather help determine whether your child is on the right track as far as their development, or if a specialist should take a closer look. The type of specialist recommended depends on where it is that your child could use the extra help, whether they are a speech specialist or an occupational therapist, for example. They will provide more in-depth tests and determine the best plan of action.

To talk to your child's pediatrician about a developmental screening in Holly Springs, NC, you can schedule a visit with Dr. Castro and Dr. Cruz of StarLight Pediatrics by dialing (919) 762-5113.

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