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Medical Ear Piercing

Medical Ear Piercing In Holly Springs, NC

Value of Having A Pediatrician Do It

Getting your ears pierced can often feel like a rite of passage for young children. Pierced ears are a common cosmetic practice and in the past we usually just turned to our local mall’s jewelry shop or a salon to have our ears pierced; however, the risk of infection with piercings can be greatly increased if the person in charge isn’t properly trained or if the tools aren’t properly sterilized. This is why more and more parents are turning to their pediatricians to get their children’s ears pierced.

Medical vs. Retail

Some parents are surprised to hear that along with regular and emergency medical care, our pediatricians also provide ear piercing. Once you think about it, it’s really not that surprising. After all, we see how many children or parents of young children want to get their ears pierced and know that it’s important that they have a safe, clean environment in which to do so. After all, our doctors have access to the top medical-grade equipment and are trained to know exactly how to thoroughly sterilize all equipment prior to use to reduce the risk for side effects or infection.

Of course, as with any procedure, there are risks involved; however, by having your child’s ears pierced in a professional medical setting under expert supervision and care, the risks are greatly minimized.

When Should You Get Your Child Ear Pierced

Since pierced ears have no bearing on health or have a medical purpose, there is no right time to have your child’s ears pierced. Some parents want to get their child’s ears pierced right away when they are still infants. The only issue with this is that their ears are still very small and not fully developed; therefore, it’s a good idea to wait until they are a bit older, which will also improve the accuracy of the piercing.


Some children may also be allergic to certain metals such as nickel. Any allergies that your child has will be in their medical history, which we will go through prior to performing any treatment or care to reduce their risk for an allergic reaction (something that may be difficult to avoid in salons or other settings where they perform piercings). If an allergic reaction does occur our pediatrician can quickly and easily address the problem.

If you want to get your child or teen’s ears pierced in a safe, sterile environment from a trained medical professional then turn to our board-certified pediatricians. Call StarLight Pediatrics in Holly Springs, NC today at (919) 762-5113.

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