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Importance of Early Autism Screening in Holly Springs - Starlight Pediatrics

As per data from the CDC, there has been a rising proportion of people globally who have been diagnosed with ASD. Around 1% of the global population had ASD in 2014, and 1 out of 68 kids was diagnosed with it. 

Deficits in social interaction, communication skills & patterns of restricted and repetitive behaviors define Autism Spectrum Disorder. The condition is a spectrum since symptoms may vary from mild to severe. Though no cure for ASD is currently known, early autism screening can assist children in acquiring skills and enhancing their quality of life.  

Early autism screening in Holly Springs at Starlight Pediatrics and support typically commence during the first few years of a child's life. These services include: 

• Occupational therapy

• Speech/language therapy

• Social skills training 

• Physical therapy

• And other kinds of therapy, depending on the child’s diagnosis. 

Early autism screening in Holly Springs & intervention can greatly assist children with autism spectrum problems and their families in managing symptoms, as this is a lifelong disability. Childhood services improve learning outcomes, social skills, and independence. Those who do not receive these services have a lower likelihood of achieving these outcomes.

Importance Of Early Autism Warning Signs

Enrolling your child at Starlight Pediatrics can positively impact children with disabilities, offering numerous advantages. Some of the benefits are. 

• Diagnosing Autism Early in Life

Detecting the early signs of autism not only enables prompt treatment for your child during their formative years but also aids families in deciding their next course of action. 

It empowers parents to make informed choices regarding programs, strategies, and other adjustments for their children. The sooner autism is diagnosed & treated, the more effectively families can plan for the future. 

• Younger Children Have More Brain Plasticity

Young children possess greater neuroplasticity, implying that their brains are more flexible and responsive to change. This adaptability facilitates easier adaptation to modifications in life. 

Administering early intervention for autism in young children simplifies teaching new behaviors, curbing negative ones, and adjusting to changes in lifestyle. 

• Children Learn to Overcome Challenges 

As kids grow, they become more adept at tackling hurdles that come their way. However, when it comes to autism spectrum disorder, timely intervention can significantly enhance a child's skill-building and symptom-reduction prospects. 

Early access to such interventions can arm them with effective tools to overcome their deficiencies, thereby assisting them in addressing obstacles they may encounter. Besides, failure to receive such help could lead to mounting difficulties as they progress into adulthood. 

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Preventive care is essential to keep children healthy. We offer early autism screening services in Holly Springs. Childhood is a time of rapid growth and change. At Starlight Pediatrics, we believe in promoting children's health with regular healthcare visits. Even if your child is healthy, well-child visits are important because we can discuss what is being done well and how it can be improved.

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